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FAQ’s / Resources

Question: Should I get on a waiting list in anticipation that one day I will need these services. 

Answer: No, that is not necessary.  When you or your loved one feel that it is time to consider the services provided by a State Veteran Home, please call the Veterans’ Victory House 843-538-3000 ext 102.  If there is a waiting list, you will be eligible to be added once all information is completed and an assessment from a member of our team determines the eligibility for skilled or intermediate nursing home care.

Question: What is the first step I need to take to begin the admission process to a State Veteran Home?

Answer: Admission requirements to a State Veteran Home differ from state to state.  The first step is to determine if an applicant has met the VA’s requirements to be a Veteran who is eligible to receive the State Veteran Home benefit.  To reach this requirement an applicant needs to fill out and submit the VA Form 10-10EZ.  A copy of this form may be found by following this link:

This form should be completed in full and submitted to the Veteran Home to begin the admission process.

Question: How may I find out what VA benefits I am eligible for?

Answer: The best place to find out more about what VA benefits you are eligible for is the VA’s website which may be found by following this link:

You may also want to stop by your local VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic or VA Hospital.  Contact information may also be found for these locations at the above listed website.

Questions:  How much does it cost for a Veteran to live in a State Veterans Home?

Answer:  The cost to stay at a State Veterans Home varies from state to state.  If a Veteran has been rated as a Priority 1 – 70% or greater Service Connected Disabled Veteran, there is no cost to the Veteran.  All other Veterans will be required to pay some amount, depending upon the admission requirements for the State in which they are applying.  Please see Admissions / Benefits for more details.

Please contact the Veterans Victory House Admission Coordinator at 864-538-3000 ext 102 or send a request for information on the contact page.

Question: I currently receive my medications at no cost from my local VA Medical Center of Community Based Outpatient Clinic.  Will I be able to continue to receive my medications at no cost once I am admitted to a State Veteran Home?

Answer:  If you have been classified as a 70% Service Connected Disabled Veteran than you will continue to receive your medication at no cost.  However, any Veteran who has NOT been classified as a Priority 1 – 70% or greater Service Connected Disabled Veteran will be charged for their medicines.  We strongly encourage any Veteran who plans on applying for admission to a State Veteran Home to get a Medicare Part D plan before they are admitted to a State Veteran Home.  A Medicare Part D plan will help pay some of the cost of their medication while they reside in a State Veteran Home.



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